26 2016 Alina Komalutdinova, online edition Text, translator Ekaterina Fedoseeva
The interview with the head of the project WAmetr Olga Andreevna Panchenko for the online edition Text

1. Why do you decided to create this app? Why does it useful for athletes?

2. Who and what company has developed the app? When it came out?

3. How many resourses had spent on the app development?

4. Which devices work with the app? Where it can be downloaded?

5. What is the main application functions? What it can do?

6. How, using what devices the app can read out the position of a body in space?

7. How much does the app cost?

8. How many people are using the application?

9. What is the plan about WAmetr application development in near future?

1. Olga Andreevna, why do you decided to create this app?
Why does it useful for athletes?
[ ^ ]

The idea of creating this app had been appearing after the opening of Hokkyokusei club in 2000. 14 of October 2000 I was conducted the first training as the head of aikido club. At the same time I had been working in Russia-US company like a strategic planning and financial analysis consultant, therefore I had been well understood the importance of enduring the quality of services provided in the aikido club.

The aikido club Hokkyokusei mission is the optimum achievement of the human functional qualities for the increase in life expectancy and for improving the quality of life. The objectives would be achieved at harmonious development of physical, mental, social (universal) qualities and skills.

In the martial arts, in aikido in particular, and in self-development systems the quality of educational process is achieving because of availability of well teaching technology and informed participation of practicing. To providing both components is needed to have proper technique tools of control and self-control. Creation these tools was made possible by widespread diffusion of wireless technologies, video and and by reducing price of some necessary details and devices, as well as appearance a lot of useful computer programs, allowing differentiate and handle obtained information flow. 

The app WAmert is a small part of big analytical platform HANTEN, allowing people more effective develop dispersed skills. Until recently movement and mentally-strong qualities had developed randomly. Athletes and studying people had had to hope in experience and qualification of their mentors. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a good teacher, therefore some gifted people must abandon professional career because of wrong basic skills and at the highest mastery levels, correctly formed technique skills and mentally-strong qualities have come to the forefront.

The app WAmetr will allow athletes and people that use any movement practice to get basic skills and form mentally- strong qualities with mathematical certainty, through available databases of standarts and ability to control and correct movement mistakes in real life. It is particularly important in hard-coordination and extreme types of movement practice, like freestyle, acrobatics, some track types, dive, ice-skating, music, dancing, ballet, martial arts, etc.

Initially I have taken this program like a way to take the emotional charge off of mental art leaders, trainers and instructors, also to structure my aikido school. The app WAmetr can solve this problem, because it settle a bet of athletes and practising people about correctness of trainers units performance, dedicating time and energy. The app remove from trainings the personal factor and increase the effectiveness, it gives more time on thinking about training strategy, tactic and methods, and for personalize training process, choose the best methods for every student.

2. Who and what company has developed the app?
When it came out?
[ ^ ]

The app WAmetr like an analytical platform HANTEN is developed by practicing people in the aikido club Hokkyokusei under my direction. There are many highly professional in the club and I like to think that there was my contribution like an aikido mentor in their successful creer.

The app is constantly being improved. Testing alpha version wii be presented to the users in second quater of 2017. To take part in the test, users can ordeer the preminary application. Follow the previews on KIWAMI.ORG

3. How many resourses had spent on the app development? [ ^ ]

It is hard to estimate the exact investments but I am going to try. In 15 years had been created the unique training process technology, on this basis had developed the app, app devices, had made the prototype of the app. Had been created the mathematical matrix of mivement standards that revealed corporative sample database, optmized by the creation of save energy and minimization of activity.Had been established some linkages between movement skills and mentally-strong qualities, and also various of progress change in their developing.

There are a lot of resources had been devoted on exploring the best teaching methods not only of martial arts, but also other movement practices and systems of self-development in Russia and abroad. Also there are many recources had been required on establish contacts with Russian ang foreign partners and on acquaintance with best practices in aikido and self-development system area. Rough estimates are, in 15 years of working with the project of developed concept, analytic platform architecture and prototype ralization had been invested around 500 thousand US dollars and that without valuation of intellectual property.

4. Which devices work with the app?
Where it can be downloaded?
[ ^ ]

The original idea of creating the app WAmetr is availability, it is for every beginner even in a remote village with the simplest smartphone could have qualitative basic skills that sporting discipline or another movement practice, the most appropriate for his skills. I wanted that users would not only have trainings, using the app, but also diagnose their own capabilities and maybe some health indicators. The important precondition for achieving the aims is the movements monitoring in real time.

It is difficult task, therefore we had to create unique algorithms and devices that help make it easy and workable. We had spent a lot of time to figure out an algorithm, ensuring high and quick action and install app availability on ordinary smartphone. Of course, the app also will be able for tablets and computers. There will be conditionally local version, working without the internet.

The app will be promote through the KIWAMI.ORG, about the appearance of the testing version will be announced later. follow the previews.

5. What is the main application functions? What it can do? [ ^ ]

The main analytical platform HANTEN functions, which includes WAmetr application, is the software personification for the user, intelligence gathering, analysis in real time, mistakes identification that made recommending fixes, additional data analysis after the end of training, personal trajectory developing and generation of recommendations to the training process improvement.

Control methods and app functionality depend on the purpose, that users had set for themselves, and his level of training as well as developed only for aikido. But since aikido is the most difficult practice, app would be possible adapted to the other sports and self-development systems.

Additional devices and app functionality evolved along with queries and progress of human. At a first stage quite enough just movement analysis but, if desired, it allows to control some parameters, such as focusing period on performed actions (is determined by indicator analysis of heart rate variability, muscular response and correctness of movement actions), adaptation features related to stress loads of nervous system, timeliness of movement actions (in aikido allowed period of movement delay is about 0,05 seconds). The closer and carefully analysis, the more diverse technical equipment. But in any case necessary equipment may be acquired graduallyand independently from each other. For example, aikido beginner (and other sports) at a first stage learns the sequences of movements, therefore the app for beginners is designed to monitoring of the accuracy movement performance to the nearest 5 centimeterswhen moving, and to 5 degrees for rotations and turns. At this stage user build a skill of dimensional orientation.

On advanced levels may be possible to collect more data about your physiometrical and biometrical characteristics, allow to assess accurately data personification and develop individual plan of trainings. Of course, using all of the platform features will require more productive computer equipment. Anyway, we will try to minimize computerized tools, used by studying, because of algorithm optimization, useful gadgets invention and offering other solutions.

There is professional platform and application version, allowing instructors and leaders of federations, schools and clubs to set a training program of sportsmen and students, but so far it is a promising area.

6. How, using what devices the app can read out the position of a body in space? [ ^ ]

The possibility to make movement monitoring on real time is one of the main benefits of the WAmetr app. So far, there is no app analogs with that functionality in the world (SONY game kinematics are not suitable for precision measurements).

To read out the position of a body in space are used the camera and a special device (there is a process of patenting now, therefore I will tell you about this device later). Also in this application are used special predictive cycles, allowing analysis almost immediately and provide advice on ways to fixing bugs or imprecisions.

According to research of Soviet school of anatomy hang neurobiology, in particular of academics Nicolay AleksamdrovichBernstein and PyotrKuzmichAnokhin, for the successful developing one or another skills required not only to fix bugs, but also to have an opportunity immediately compare the wrong actions with the standard. The WAmetr app is based at that principle. The application complains voice commands for rapid correction of mistake.

Draw attention of readers that now l tell about version for beginners, when the movement speed does not exceed 60-80 elementary motions at the minute. For higher speed are used another technologies.

7. How much does the app cost? [ ^ ]

The cost of the WAmetr application depends on complete equipment, type of license and certificate. Supposedly, minimal version with movement control would cost around 50 dollars and additional equipment around 180 dollars. In total, the primary set would include 7 subjects. For example: tripod, equipped laser pointer for fine tuning of camera or smartphone camera.

Local version with limited personification possibility but without movement control possibility in real time would cost about 10 dollars. Detailed would be possible to know afterrelease issuance on KIWAMI.ORG. Follow the previews.

8. How many people are using the application? [ ^ ]

Now the app on a testing and debug stage. About 10 people are participated in its work. Take the opportunity, l invite persons concerned to take part in testing alpha version. Please, follow the information on aikido club Hokkyokusei site KIWAMI.ORG

9. What is the plan about WAmetr application development in near future? [ ^ ]

Analytical complex HANTEN, of which the WAmetr app forms a part, is a very ambitious project implying the participation of scientists different directions, active work of engineers and programmers. Because in June will be planned the holding of an international conference on problem of quality improvement in university study process.

Now we are on the age of great structural changes in the world, like abolition of slavery. It is no longer enough to just do their own job, robots are built for it (there are completely automated factories in USA, France, German), now human should be able to make effective decisions in difficultcircumstances.It demands special skills and mentation architecture that could be achieved only by special training and self-development.

New development trend of advanced society have been presented in the report Future Job In February 2016 on World Economic Forum in Davos. Apparently, in accordance with the dictates of the time, the economic system would changed.

It means rise in competition in the labour market and greater demands on employee personality for ordinary people. Therefore system, allowingguaranteed acquire desired skills, would enjoy more demand because they are become a social lifts, allowing monetizing your abilities and skills in modern world.

We will do our best to make analytic platform HANTEN and her leadership application WAmetr useful for most people, including in terms of soft skills development.

With regard to more material aims, now we want to simplify the data personification process and primary hardware setup, now taking a considerable period of time. Also testing the voice commands is continuing, its really important to understand all that commands similar.

Now it is safe to say that the app WAmetr would take his rightful place on application market for mobile devices. Predictive cycles and algorithms, used for aikido movement control in real-time, could be used to improving artificial intelligence and robots-androids in the future.

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