Sports. My First Steps family of applications

According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), over 26 million people play basketball in the U.S. alone. About 13 million people play American football and almost as many people play baseball. A traditional swordcraft Kendo is practiced by 1 million people in the Japan Self-Defense Forces only.

Yet, many of talented athletes neither made their way to the major league nor were awarded athletics scholarships because of mistakes that became ingrained at initial stages of training. Any top-tier coach knows that correcting mismastered skills requires strenuous efforts both from an athlete and a coach and oftentimes does not produce the desired results.

The Sports. My First Steps family of applications is designed to solve this problem from the very first training. Intended for beginner athletes, the applications help evaluate on an ongoing basis the accuracy of mastering basic and special skills in real time and correct mistakes immediately as they are made.

Initial data are captured using the computer vision technology, and then processed using an unparalleled expert system developed by Kiwami Group.

We offer to federations, clubs, and sports centers our services on design, development and implementation of comprehensive solutions that will help unify the training process by separate athletic disciplines. The Sports. My First Steps family of applications will allow to conduct qualification tests for all newcomers anywhere in the world.

The applications will provide the following key features:

  1. Detect unique properties
  2. Train classical basic skills
  3. Do special exercises effectively
  4. Develop special skills (develop alternative perception, speech, breathing, communication with media, and so on)
  5. Evaluate and correct team play skills
  6. Evaluate risks and personal security
  7. Run the safe training skill mastering program
  8. Select a personal training trajectory
  9. Selecta personal development program
  10. Evaluate motor qualification tests

With additional equipment, the app allows the user to diagnose, evaluate, test, measure medical and biological parameters, and produce sports anamnesis on his/her own.

Additional services offered to users of this family of apps include:

The development time is 12 months per each app; payback period is 15 months with superprofits in 18 months.