SPORTS. MY FIRST STEPS Family of Applications

According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), over 26 million people play basketball in the U.S. alone. About 13 million people play American football and almost as many people play baseball. A traditional swordcraft Kendo is practiced by 1 million people in the Japan Self-Defense Forces only. Yet, many of talented athletes neither made their way to the major league nor were awarded athletics scholarships because of mistakes that became ingrained at initial stages of training. Any top-tier coach knows that correcting mismastered skills requires strenuous efforts both from an athlete and a coach and oftentimes does not produce the desired results.

The Sports. My First Steps family of applications is designed to solve this problem from the very first training. Intended for beginner athletes, the applications help evaluate on an ongoing basis the accuracy of mastering basic and special skills in real time and correct mistakes immediately as they are made. Initial data are captured using the computer vision technology, and then processed using an unparalleled expert system developed by Kiwami Group.

DIAMOND FUND Expert System

Statistics shows that there were around 4,400 higher educational institutions in the U.S. in 2017, 1,750 of which are public institutions and 2,550 are private institutions. Each university has its own sports teams and clubs. Sports team budgets vary drastically. According to Forbes, the World’s Most Valuable Team 2017 ranking was headed by the Dallas Cowboys American football team worth at $4.2 billion and earning $300 million of operating profit. The number two was the New York Yankees baseball team worth at $3.7 billion and earning $39 million of operating profit. The World’s Highest-Paid Soccer Player 2017 was led by Cristiano Ronaldo with playing wages of $58 million and $35 million USD made from advertising.

The Diamond Fund expert system allows to unify the training process even in the smallest clubs in faraway locations. As training process quantitative evaluation techniques gradually improve, the expert system allows to correct typical mistakes made by athletes at initial stages of training. Top-tier coaches will be able to keep an eye on promising players from the first steps and make adjustments to the training process wherever a future champion is located.


According to Gallup, a largest research-based, global performance management consulting company, for 5 billion working age people there are currently only 1.2 billion full-time jobs in the world, 50% of which are created by India and China. This means that in the foreseeable future only 20% of population will have jobs that would create value added and provide prosperity to their countries. Industrially advanced countries are well on the way to full automation. For example, fully robotic production facilities are in successful operation in the U.S., Germany, and Sweden. This means that employee qualification requirements will be higher year after year.

The Perfect Candidate analytical system will, on one hand, help the user master both hard and soft skills quickly and, on the other hand, help corporate clients find the best candidates for the current job vacancies and create own training programs based on evaluation of quantitative data.


The announced date of the app release is October 14, 2018. WAmetr. Perfect Posture is a mobile app for self-diagnosis of any impairment of static upright posture and correction of detected disorders in real time with the possibility of post processing. The app is designed for conventional smartphones and may be augmented by helpful tools and devices.


WAmetr Platform is an unparalleled system for comprehensive analysis of medical and biological, anatomical and physiological data, as well as mental determination character and will power developed by Kiwami Group based on an ideal human reasoning architecture.