Project History

An idea to create a platform for self-evaluation of motor skills and strength of character and willpower came up in 1998 as a result of collaboration between a leader of the Japanese Martial Arts Club Pole Star* Olga Panchenko and a strategic planning advisor Aleksey Polomskikh. The idea was to give a chance to newcomers to match their characteristics and skills against science-based models applicable to specific fields of expertise.

The main challenge was indicating a mistake at the moment it was made so that the newcomer could immediately correct it. Such approach would allow reducing time needed to develop the desired skills. Another critical but not less challenging aspect in terms of implementation was building an ideal human anatomical and physiological mathematical model. The existence of such model would allow adapting it to the user potential or modifying it to fit specific tasks and hence improve the training process.

The idea began to take shape twenty years ago with the creation of technology to develop universal and special skills followed by numerous experiments for measuring the efficiency of different training methods. Then, a special training course came along. It was designed to develop qualities and skills that would help people doing high risk jobs such as traders, air-traffic controllers, nuclear power plant operators, etc. cope with stress.

The following step towards the development of an automated system was a joint research effort carried out by the mastermind behind the project Olga Panchenko and a Doctor of biological sciences, neurophysiologist Victoria Gorbunova. The research focused on quantitative evaluation of the level of concentration, and hence quantitative evaluation of character and willpower, and social intelligence.

The spring of 2013 became the starting point of a new phase in the project development. The development of an integrated technology to evaluate motor skills, character and willpower using cutting-edge wireless meters and devices started. At that time our research efforts on mathematical formulation of an ideal human anatomical and physiological model began.

Our WAmetr platform was developed as a result of close collaboration with seasoned professionals in healthcare, sports, education, neurophysiology, physiology, mathematics, engineering, and information technologies. After full-blown implementation, the WAmetr platform will give a real chance to all users to fulfill their potential in an optimal way, given that, in today’s world, proper skills make a person unique and help him push the boundaries.

Inspired in 1998, in twenty years our idea is translated into reality in a number of innovative solutions that can radically change the existing approaches to healthcare, sports, and education.