DIAMOND FUND Expert System

Statistics shows that there were around 4,400 higher educational institutions in the U.S. in 2017, 1,750 of which were public institutions and 2,550 were private institutions. Each university has its own sports teams and clubs. Sports team budgets vary drastically. According to Forbes, the World’s Most Valuable Team 2017 ranking was headed by the Dallas Cowboys American football team worth at $4.2 billion and earning $300 million of operating profit. The number two was the New York Yankees baseball team worth at $3.7 billion and earning $39 million of operating profit. The World’s Highest-Paid Soccer Player 2017 was led by Cristiano Ronaldo with playing wages of $58 million and $35 million USD made from advertising.

The Diamond Fund expert system allows to unify the training process even in the smallest clubs in faraway locations. As training process quantitative evaluation techniques gradually improve, the expert system allows to correct typical mistakes made by athletes at initial stages of training. Top-tier coaches will be able to keep an eye on promising players from the first steps and make adjustments to the training process wherever a future champion is located.

The Diamond Fund expert system is a logical extension and complement of the Sports. The First Steps family of mobile apps. Initial data are captured using the computer vision technology, and then processed using an unparalleled expert system developed by Kiwami Group. Large arrays of data are systemized and analyzed using special analytical methods developed by Kiwami Group for each stage of athlete training.

An ideal human anatomical and physiological model and optimum behavior patterns studied by Kiwami Group form the basis for adapting methods to unique capabilities of a beginner athlete, developing an individual motor profile and personal training trajectory, and modifying training methods based on the given parameters.

We offer to federations, clubs, and sports centers our services on design, development, and implementation of comprehensive solutions that will help unify the training process by separate athletic disciplines. The Diamond Fund expert system will allow its owner to expand the sphere of his influence, and improve the quality of athletic training and selection base.

The expert system functionality allows automating processes in the following areas:

  1. Proprietary training methods
  2. Tracking and analysis of results over different time periods
  3. Local rankings at varying degree of scalability (team-wise, city-wise, region-wise, etc.)
  4. Analytics and statistics based on the customer’s criteria
  5. Sports anamnesis of players
  6. Libraries of methodological recommendations (to be used in apps and analytical solutions)
  7. Libraries of optimized mathematical models of elements, exercises, and techniques
  8. Libraries of proprietary training approaches
  9. Ranking statistics and analytics
  10. Adaptation of optimized models of elements, exercises, and techniques to individual characteristics of each athlete
  11. Recommendations on the development of individual training plans and trajectories
  12. Modification of basic approaches based on federation’s criteria
  13. Adaptation of ideal models to federation’s needs.

With additional equipment, the system allows the user to take advice remotely, conduct qualification tests, conduct biomedical examinations, and evaluate mental stength, etc.

Additional services offered to users of the family of mobile apps:

The system development time is 24 months; payback period is 24 months with superprofits in 30 months after signature of a contract for the system development and implementation.