Olga A. Panchenko
Mastermind of the project KIWAMI,
Aikido club Hokkyokusei leader

  • Started training aikido in 1997;

  • Since 1998 had participated in project KIWAMI strategy development under the direction of Aleksey Polomskikh;

  • On October 14th of 2000 in the project KIWAMI boundaries organized the aikido club Hokkyokusei;

  • Graduated from the Perm National Research Politechnic University, repeatedlytrained in refresher courses for trainers and sport organization leaders;

  • In 2004 was the winner of the authoring program competition conducted by the Ministry of education in Perm Krai with the work Aikido for children aged 6-14 years;

  • In 2006 directed the aikido teaching methods seminar at the children club of Nyagan City (Khanty-Mansiiskauthonomus district);

  • Author of the special project Kiwami: Neurosiological basis and the self-regulation technology: achievement and maintance of the sanity. Implication, simulation, analysis and management of the situation;

  • Repeatedly trained in Japan;

  • In April 2009 participatedin Tokyo presentation to the International Olympic Committee, held in the capital of Japan, Tokyo;

  • From 2009-2013 waste aching master classesin the aikido teaching methods seminar boundaries in Yekaterinburgand in Moscow;

  • In 2013 participated in the scientific conferense of Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University with the work Systemelements of educationquality of the specialteachingKiwami. Expert of the international scientific conference in the section City like a stress-factor: self-regulation technology and innovative methods of interplay between Russian and Japanese traditions;

  • In June 2014 got a thank-you note from Minister Counsellor of Embassy of Japan in Russia mr. Kotaro Otsuki for the project Russia-Japan: halfway, held 16-21 June 2014 in Perm at the at the initiative of Japan Russian Youth Exchange Center Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan with support of the Perm Krai Ministry of culture, education and sport;

  • In May 2015 led a Perm youth delegation, that had visited Japan by the program Aikido and music, realized by Japan Russia youth exchange center (Tokyo) under Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan. As a part of the visit 29-31 May 2015 had teaching an aikido master-class in the aikido club of the Nihon University (Tokyo, Japan) and methodical session at a meeting of the leaders of aikido amateur clubs in Tokyo;

  • On December 7th2015 in German got out the collection of popular scientific articles Total exelence and business qualities: Aikido technologies in the job market. Olga Panchenko had become an editor and author of some works with CEO Viktoria Vladimirovna Gorbunova, CEO Vladimir Nicolaevich Ivanov, CEO Arseniy Viktorovich Chernikov, Viktor Mikhailovich Oleinikov, Alyona Aleksandrovna Borzunova;

  • The research director of the optimum achievement of human adaptive properties for increase in life expectancy. Strategic planning consultant;

  • The aythor of the book Saga about the thirst action, adventure novel Invisibles. Author of the photo illustration series about Japan, Japanologist.

  • E-mail: Olga A.Panchenko
    l: +7 (342) 276-06-68

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